Our very first blog post! - Tuesday February 4

Hello all. Welcome to our new blog. We'll do our best to try and post here on a regular basis to keep you informed of the goings on in the G & D workshop.

After a nice break over the Christmas and New Year period it's been a pretty slow start to the year unfortunately. I've got a feeling though that things may be about to pick up. Everyone's back at work and the kids are back at school now so there's no excuses. It's time to get serious about those building projects and renovations. We worked pretty hard last year to get some stock on the floor and as a result we've got lots of brick vents and a number of finials. 

Orders for chimney pots, ridges and finials have been slowly trickling in. It's nice to feel in control of the workload but we could do with a bit more to really get us moving!