Scott and his team were very professional and able to draw on their wealth of experience and expertise to customise our roof decoration to the period of the home. Scott designed new moulds for our rooftop pieces. We appreciated his easy-going nature, insights and the fact he invited us to view work-in-progress. The end result was a great looking roof that often draws favourable comments from passing residents.
— Glenn Winnett
I recently commissioned Scott to design me a large roof dragon for a house I was building in Altona. I can honestly say that when I got a call from Scott to tell me that my dragon was finished and to pop over and have a look at it I was absolutely delighted with the result! Scott did a fantastic job which way exceeded my expectations. Great job Scott!
— Greg Trennery
Thank you Scott
It arrived today and is beautiful, just like it looked in the photo, so thank you very much.
— Marian
Hi Scott,
It looks fantastic! Thanks, I’m very happy.
— Michelle
Hi Scott,
Sorry it’s taken so long but finally here are the photos of our dragon.
His name is George, the St George dragon.
Callum, our 12 month old, likes to say hello as we walk past him. He says “arow orge” it’s very cute. He also likes to touch his nose and tail.
We’ve had many comments on how great he is and how he has a friendly face, so thank you very much. We love him!
— Trish Cronin
Thanks for contacting me. The Chimney Pots truly look amazing. I used 10 of them on 3 chimneys. The chimneys are all in a row so you can look down the line and see 10 in a pretty clear shot. The one with the dragon is the first one of the row of 10 and you can see it from the street 50 feet below. People have been raving about them.
— Warren Katz, Boston MA USA
Hi Scott,
The dragons you sent arrived safely and are fantastic. Three of the four dragons are up and we think they are the best that we have seen -there are many houses with dragons on them around here. Thank you for the manner in which you handled the whole procedure.
— Jo, Perth WA